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Dance Trance

Dance Trance is a dance-oriented fitness program that focuses on getting you fit while having a blast!  The music genres and dances vary so there really is something for everyone. The goal is to lose yourself in the dance, have a great time, meet new friends, and not even realize you just had an awesome workout.

The Dance Trance program, or "DT", is a licensed dance fitness program that is taking the fitness industry by storm. It is one of the most successful dance fitness programs in the nation and has expanded throughout North America and beyond.

The dances are choreographed and you can "jump in" and follow along or even learn the moves in a breakdown session. Before long, you will just be getting fit!

We offer normal Dance Trance classes, Dance Trance Breakdown (learn the steps), and DT Full Throttle (1.5 hours of DT!).  Also, we want you to love Dance Trance as much as we do, so we have no contracts and you can even try it for a full week for free!

Dance Trance was created in 1986 by Jay & Beth Handline. The home base for this program is located in Jacksonville, Florida.  Visit dancetrancefitness.com for more information about the home office.

NOTE: The phone # in this advertisement is for Florida.  We are between Huntsville & Madison, Alabama. 256-325-2244.

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DT Kids / Dance w/ Me

Dance Trance Kids / Dance With Me is a Dance Trance (dance fitness) program tailored just for kids and their favorite adult dancing partner! The music varies from session to session and the kids have so much fun they forget it is exercise. There are no costumes to buy, no big performance to prepare for and, best of all, there are no contracts to sign!  You just bring your kids,  learn fun dances and have a great time.

Kids aged 10-15 may attend without an adult.

We will occasionally have opportunities for them to perform with us around town, but there will be no extra fees to participate.  We dance for fun and fitness at Dance Trance.

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Special Needs

Dance Trance is fun no matter your needs and here at Dance Trance Huntsville / Madison we recognize this fact.  We hold a class just for those individuals with special needs because fitness holds no boundaries and our fitness classes are so much fun.

The classes are specifically designed with fun and energetic songs and the choreography is tailored to the audience to maximize the fun.  This class is targeted to ages 10 and up.

The special needs group comes in happy and leaves even happier. They LOVE Dance Trance!

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Sips -n- Strips

"Sips -n- Strips" is so special we only hold one session every other month.  Of course, if you have a special occasion such as a Bachelorette party you'd like us to host, we can arrange one just for you.  

What is it, you ask?  Sips -n- Strips is an opportunity for ladies to get together and have a great time!  You can dress up in a sexy outfit (optional, but most attendees do), bring a beverage of choice (also optional), and a few friends and our instructors will lead the class through a special flirty, sassy and fun dance routine.

Every occasion will leave you with some fond memories, new friends, special dance moves, and quite a few laughs.

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Dance Trance Fitness - Includes Dance Trance / DT BreakDown / Core Classes

  • First Week - Try it for Free - We want to get you hooked on getting fit!
  • New Year Special $40/month! - Good until March 1st!
    • 3 Months for $120! - Pay Online
    • 1 Month for $40! - Pay Online
    • Class Pass - $35 for 5 classes - Great for members who may only make it to class once in a while (Never Expires) - Pay Online

DT Kids - Monthly $25.00 - Pay Online 

Special Needs DT -  Monthly $25.00 -
 Pay Online  

Sips -n- Strips - Per Class: $20 members / $25 non-members (within 2 weeks of event date)  - Watch the "Events" calendar to find the next scheduled class and sign-up from there!

Private Parties - Call to schedule.
 (256) 258-9430

Regular Parties - $105.00 includes up to 10 guests, 30 minutes in party room, 45 minutes of dance instruction (lead by one of our awesome instructors).  Party favors, snacks, pizza, drinks also available for additional fee.

Private Sips -n- Strips - $210.00 includes up to 15 guests (additional guests $15.00 each). Includes your choice of choreographed song from our current repertoire.  You may choose your own song to be choreographed for an additional $90.00 fee (must give 1 month notice). GREAT for bachelorette parties, a special birthday, or ladies night out.

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Dance Trance is always looking for ways to have fun and Parties + Dancing is guaranteed to be a great time!  We have lots of open space for gathering, talking and, depending on your needs, we can include a private class of dance.
  • Children's Parties
  • Bachlorette Parties (see Sips -n- Strips, as an option)
  • Private Dance Classes
If you have any special requests or ideas for your party, just give us a call and we can help custom design an event that will be completely unique and FUN!

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Visit our "MindBody" web site for the retail merchandise we have on hand.


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