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Tips for a Healthier You! - Renovate Your Recipes

People are always asking me what my eating habits are and what they can do to maintain a healthy weight.  Well, I'm NOT an expert, but I do a lot of research and I can google with the best of them!  This past January I set out to get in a habit of planning out my meals and making sure that I knew exactly what I was putting into my body.  It's so easy to forget, or you may never even know, how many calories might be in your favorite recipes.  So, I decided to renovate my recipes and only make things at home that I could feel good about eating.  I've found several great websites to pull recipes from like:

  • SkinnyTaste
  • EatingWell
  • Can You Stay for Dinner?
  • Kelly's Healthified Kitchen
  • Budget Bytes

That last one is more about saving money than eating healthy, but many times the two go hand and hand (SHOCKING I KNOW!).  Give some of these websites a try and see if you can sub out one of your higher calorie meals for a lower calorie version.  There are lower calorie (and low carb and low fat too) versions of nearly anything you can think of!

Also, feel free to follow me on pinterest.  I ONLY pin recipes that I feel confident are good for me, and after I make a recipe I will write a little review in the comments.