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Dance Trance

dance Dance Trance is a dance-oriented fitness program, that focuses on getting you fit while having a blast!  The music genres and dances vary so there really is something for everyone. The goal is to lose yourself in the dance, have a great time, meet new friends, and not even realize you just had an awesome workout.

The Dance Trance program, or "DT", is a licensed dance fitness program that is taking the fitness industry by storm. It is one of the most successful dance fitness programs in the nation and has expanded throughout North America and beyond.

The dances are choreographed and you can "jump in" and follow along or even learn the moves in a break-down session. Before long, you will just be getting fit!

We offer normal Dance Trance classes, Dance Trance Breakdown (learn the steps) and a middle of the road DT Groove (Slower paced than DT).  Also, we want you to love Dance Trance as much as we do, so we have no contracts and you can even try it for a full week for free!

Dance Trance was created in 1986 by Jay & Beth Handline. The home base for this program is located in Jacksonville, Florida.  Visit dancetrancefitness.com for more information about the home office.